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AA Computer Rental is one the leading teleprompting services companies in Washington with expertise in live event support and television broadcasts. Armed with state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch professionals you will never have to worry about script support during live shows or televised events. No longer the guests, in particular if they are VVIPs have to remember their lines for the show you are executing. This translates into time and expenditure savings. Backed by several years of experience, our technicians are quick in setting up the equipment so that your event gets successfully executed without a hitch.


  1. Top notch equipment supply

  2. TeleScript Pro Software.

  3. Through-the-lens prompters.

  4. Off-camera prompters.

  5. Prompters meant for camera jib shots.

  6. Prompters suited for outdoor shoots.

  7. Live event Presidential prompters.

  8. Downstage monitor feeds during live events.

  9. High-speed wireless broadband support for script handling during live shows.

  10. Most affordable pricing.



Through-the-Lens Prompters

During video shoots, it is necessary that the people in front of the camera look directly at the camera lens and deliver their lines. Through-the-lens prompters are ideal for such situations. The versatility of the through-the-lens prompters enable them to be mounted on stands that come with them, on camera plates and jib arms. If you need to use this particular style of prompter during interviews wherein the speaker is not looking at the camera, simply install the prompter in the off-camera arrangement. 

Through-the-Lens Prompter for Special Needs

If the through-the-lens prompter needs to be used outdoors, or on jib arm, then specialty equipment is needed for such shoots. As brightness levels may be high during such shoots, it becomes difficult for the in-camera person to read the lines displayed. QTV FDP-12 High-Bright Prompter is a specialty device used for such shoots which not only offers better reading conditions during the shoots, but also is light-weight with flat panel design.

Through-the-Lens Prompters

The beauty of Presidential teleprompter is the fact that they remain invisible to the audience and camera. The audience just sees glass panels at the sides of the lectern. Camera’s can be pointed in such a way that the glass panels always remain out of the frame. All the while, the speaker is able to clearly read the script from two glass panels. Highly recommended for speeches and televised shows.

Direct Feeds to Downstage Monitors

If for some reason, you do not want to use through-the-lens prompter, specialty prompter or Presidential speech prompter for the live show, then the script can be relayed to one of the downstage monitors conditionally it accepts composite video signals. Our technicians will ensure the setup causes minimal interference to your network.




Best Buy was successful in recovering the file last night for Mr. Grove.  He said the laptop was working perfectly as well.  Once again, thank you for going above and beyond in a last minute/end of day call.




I wanted to send a special thanks to you and your staff for working so hard under such short notice. The client we are working with is happy and I appreciate all the hard work and length you and your organization went to to meet the requests of our client. Well done. 



Thanks for letting me know the check got there.  Your company does a great job all around.   Thanks!


Of the several rental outfits I checked out, you were not only the easiest to deal with, you had the
best prices and the best Ts & Cs.

So, I will recommend your firm to others.



Just a note to say all (15) laptops we had rented were just picked up a few minutes ago, so we should be all set. These worked out very well for us and we will definitely contact you again in the future for our rental needs!

Thanks & enjoy the weekend...